What a wonderful smell!

Our nose is a very sensitive organ equipped with receptors (olfactory cells) which detect smell and define its molecules. The receptors, located in olfactory epithelium between the eyes, transmit a nerve impulse to the olfactory bulb which is located below prefrontal lobes of the cerebral cortex.

Experts still argue how many fragrances humans are able to distinguish. Some of them claim it could be up to three thousand, others opt for even seven thousand. The number of distinguished fragrances depends also on individual conditions. So not everyone can design perfumes.

What’s interesting, the sense of smell has changeable sensitivity. When we are hungry, our smell sharpens.
However, when we have a frequent and regular contact with a given fragrance, we cease to perceive it in a way. In our factory we often hear such opinions from our guests as “What a wonderful smell you have here!” We then look puzzled at each other because most of us don’t pay attention to it on a daily basis.