(Un)known citrus

Citrus fruits came to us from “hot countries” of Asia and Australia where they have been cultivated for over four thousand years. At present oranges are the most commonly cultivated citrus fruits. Major exporters of these juicy goodies are Brazil, the USA and China.

Citrus fruits are not only a snack. They are also used in medicine and perfumery industry. Oil of bergamot which is similar to an overgrown lime though it is an orange, owing to its antidepressant properties, is used in aromatherapy and food industry because it matches perfectly the taste and intense fragrance of earl grey type of tea. Oil of neroli, a bitter orange, was used already in Middle Ages as body perfume.

Laboratories work on original crossbreeds such as sweetie (grapefruit with pomelo) or calamondin (sour mandarin orange and kumquat). New species and varieties surprise not only with unparalleled taste. For some people their fragrance is more compelling…