Citrus fruits came to us from “hot countries” of Asia and Australia where they have been cultivated for over four thousand years. At present oranges are the most commonly cultivated citrus fruits. Major exporters of these juicy goodies are Brazil, the USA and China. Citrus fruits are not only a snack. They are also used […]

Our nose is a very sensitive organ equipped with receptors (olfactory cells) which detect smell and define its molecules. The receptors, located in olfactory epithelium between the eyes, transmit a nerve impulse to the olfactory bulb which is located below prefrontal lobes of the cerebral cortex. Experts still argue how many fragrances humans are able […]

In advertisements and descriptions of perfumes you can often come across the term “fragrance note”. It is a distinguishable aroma emitted by a given substance as a result of its contact with skin or surroundings. A professional description includes: Head note (top) – it is perceived immediately upon application of the perfume, however for a […]

AROMA HOME, taking care about the quality of its products, uses in production fragrance compositions from renown producers from the area of French Grasse, which since XVIII has created traditions of perfumery industry. Owing to over 200 years of experience of our suppliers, our final products are characterised by unparalleled aromas making our products outstanding. […]